The Thistle Club @ 25 Beaufort

Clubhouse Rental
Fascility Rentals

Our facilities are not only available for Lawn Bowling use, we also have a Hall that is available for rent for multi purposes (showers, family gatherings, stag and does). The hall has a capacity of ~100 people. The hall is approximately 30.5 feet by 60 feet (9.3 meters x 18.3 meters). We have a full kitchen with 2 stoves, for your use.

Please contact Kerry Condirston @ (226)289-9449 for available dates and rental rates.


25 Beaufort St

London, ON N6G 1A6


(519) 438 - 1936


For questions about lawn bowling at the Thistle, call Kerry at (519) 871-6320

For questions about about renting the facility, call Kathyrn at (519) 857-5799

The Thistle Club is open once again! However, due to Covid-19 restrictions, only members are allowed. Also, at this time, rentals are not possible, for the same reason.


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